Other Services

Since the company has hangar areas and a big warehouse outside of airport, Air Astana provides storage services for aviation components and materials requiring the accurate accounting and handling according to the storage conditions. Highly qualified warehouse personal enable us to provide quick and accurate cargo reception, to ensure customer’s cargo is stored quickly and securely.
The company provides transportation of a/c components and materials between the major airports of Almaty, Atyrau, Astana in the framework of technical support and transportation on the territory of Almaty International Airport.

Our company performs high quality cleaning services of aircraft passenger cabin.
Tools engraving services
Company provides tools engraving services with a laser engraver, which creates durable engraving on any surface.
Lifting equipment testing
Since 2012 company provides annual checking and testing services of lifting equipment.
Air Astana performs borescope inspection works on aircraft engines
Currently we are approved to perform inspections on the following engines: Rolls Royce RB211, GE CF34, CFM56, GECF6-80, PW125, PW4000, IAE V2500. These specialists have more than 10 years of relevant experience. 
Technical parking in Hangar
The company offers aircraft parking services both inside our hangar and alternately on the parking area outside.
The modern hangar is equipped with a universal docking system and a full set of ground equipment including ladders, lifting platforms, tripod jacks ensuring full access to any aircraft external area.
 boroscope inspection