Exterior and Interior Services

The Cabin Interior Department is continually increasing it’s capabilities and scope of work and at the moment can accomplish the following work:
Aircraft interior maintenance including:
Passenger seats
Flight attendant’s seats
Pilot’s seats
Carpet replacement
Replacement of seat covers, repair of wardrobes, composite panels, galleys and toilets
Installation and removal of galley equipment
Repairs of cabin soft accessories (seat covers etc)
Composite repairs of aircraft structure components including:
Flying Controls
Engine inlet cowls
Landing gear doors
Interior details
Minor painting and ‘touch up’of aircraft components including:
Cabin components
Carpet overlock stitching
Production of informational labels and stencils
External washing of aircraft and ground equipment 
Maintenance of the aircraft’s entertainment system
The subdivision can consider execution of the following orders:
Production of  blinds
Production of soft accessories for an aircraft's passengers cabin (seat covers, headrests)
Aircraft parts painting
Seat equipment maintenance.